Light and shadow, color and form have always drawn me.  In a different period of my life, when I choreographed for my ballet students, it wasn't the steps that engaged me,  it was what wasn't there - the flow of the emptiness that the dancers' bodies created.   Andamento* in motion.

Then....I discovered glass! 

Since I'm too far from the nearest hot shop, I gave up on learning to blow glass. 

THEN....I discovered mosaics!!!  First it was stained glass, and then Italian smalti. 

Once I had realized mosaics could be three dimensional, all the glorious rocks I'd gathered over the years of walking the desert and mountains of SW Colorado became elements in my work. 

AND THEN...I discovered marble in all it's shades...and then slate.....and on it has gone. 

Now I am open to all things natural and man-made in their varying hues and shapes, and I play with them as they interact with light in space.  

*Andamento - the visual flow and direction within a mosaic produced by the placement of tesserae and the negative space between them